Sunday, April 02, 2006

Europoly, 2004-2007. Dejan Kaludjerovic

Europoly - the European Identity Trading Game is a fully functioning portable social game for sale, developed within the contexts of real life, the art system and consumer society. In this way Europoly recognises the blurred boundaries between ‘the art work’ and ‘the sellable product’ in western consumer society. Therefore, Europoly will be advertised through marketing strategies, from the newspapers, radio, and TV ads and commercials over billboards to the final product market, which will be created in the form of industrial product of a social game similar to Monopoly. At the end of marketing campaign, Europoly will be exhibited at the final exhibition of the project Inquiry into Reality: The Disappearance of Public Space.

This piece of work is questioning the position of immigrants in EU, as well as the idea of EU. Non EU citizens working in the EU, have been photographed and featured in Europoly with their professions. Luck, to a great extent, determines the possible rise or fall of the ’players’ who wish to become part of the new European identity ~ 1

EUROPOLY media campaign archive:
newspaper and magazine ads campaign
billboard campaign
listen to radio commercial

Project of Dejan Kaludjerovic: in collabotation with Love Difference, Cittadellarte – Fondazione Pistoletto, with the support of ECF and A+A Gallery - Slovene Central for Visual Art